56 Birthday Marketing Ideas For Small Business Owners

9.  Tweet customers a special offer. Make sure the incentive is good enough to get prospects and customers to follow you on Twitter.  If they are connected to you on Twitter, you can send them a ‘Birthday Tweet’ with a special offer.

10.  Make a special location-based services offer. Use Facebook, Foursquare or other location-based services platform to get customers involved.  Facebook has been constantly improving their location targeting and offer some interesting targeting options[1].

11.  Create a fun press release. Incorporate a special offer to entice new customers.

12.  Have a good old fashioned Birthday sale to celebrate your own birthday. This option’s a classic and I have used it in my online and offline businesses in the past. I schedule a special promotion as part of my own Birthday celebration as an excuse to drum up some more business.  You can do the same no matter what kind of business you have.

13.  Give your customers a gift on Your Birthday.  Hand out a company promotional gift. Make sure that it’s something customers will keep around and coordinates with your offering.

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